Bangla Bhasha, Shahityo O Shangskritik Andolon

 Bangla Bhasha, Shahityo O Shangskritik Andolon Cover

Prof. Rafiqul Islam is one of a few scholars today who directly participated in the language movement centering 1952 that established Bangla as a state language in the Pakistani regime. Young Rafiqul Islam had a camera in hand and he used it right to document historic moments. The book "Bangla Bhasha, Shahityo o Shangskritik Andolon" (Bangla Language, Literature and Cultural Movement) that he has recently authored puts together both his experiences of the language movement and an album of the language movement. SEHD made this publication possible out of its commitment to protect the language and culture.

In different chapters, the book tells of the language movement; the history of the shaheed minar (monument for martyrs of the language movement) and its architect Hamidur Rahman. Making mention of different actors involved in the unique movement for Bangla and Bengali culture, the book tells of incidents that became historical events including how the Bardhaman House became today’s Bangla Academy. The book also puts together quotes from many poems and lyrics on the language movement.

What make the book most significant are photos. Dr. Islam has been preserving his films, although some got partially damaged and some got lost. Now the best ones are presented to the present generation who must know the right history of the language movement and make fresh pledges to make their language richer.

In this book Prof. Rafiqul Islam tells about the struggles and experiences people went through during the language movement and shows how gradually the language and cultural movement became the base for an independent Bangladesh. What Prof. Islam also does not forget to mention is how Bangla has become so rich with elements drawn from other languages particularly those of the Santal, Oraon, Munda, and Kol to mention few. He cautions that the Bengalis should show their respect to other languages that have given so much to Bangla and Bengali culture. He observes that these neighboring languages remain unprotected and neglected, which is a shame for Bengalis who gave their lives for their mother tongue. He calls upon Bengalis to protect and nurture the languages of these indigenous people.

Publication Details

Published: 2006
Language: Bangla
Hardback: 158 pages
Author: Prof. Rafiqul Islam
Price: Tk.300 / US$15