A Guide to NGO-Business Partnerships

NGO Business Partnership Guide Cover

NGOs and community-based organizations (CBO) can play an extremely important role because they can effectively voice the needs and demands of the people. NGOs, if effective in their advocacy for reforms, can convince businesses to rethink and change their environmentally destructive practices, and governments into enacting and implementing progressive legislation or instituting policy reforms.

A Guide to NGO-Business Partnerships is a guidebook compiling information, anecdotes, experiences and practical tips for developing and continuing partnerships between non-government organizations and businesses. An explicit goal of the guidebook is to improve the environmental conditions across Asia. The book has emerged from the NGO-Business program, initiated in the mid-1990s, funded by the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) and administered by The Asia Foundation.

Publication Details

Published: 2003
Language: English and Bangla
Paperback: 66 pages
Authors: Q.A. Tahmina and Philip Gain
Published for: Asia Foundation
Price: Tk.50 / US$5