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Powerful reporting is essential for newspapers and other news media. It requires a great deal of investigation, analysis, deep background, primary information and much more. The book, REPORTING GUIDE is all about powerful reporting. It is an essential guide for journalists, students, academics of journalism, environment and human rights activists and writers who care about excluded, deprived and marginal people.

The book contains theoretical discussions on different kinds of reporting. But what make their write-ups unique is the use of practical experiences and anecdotes.  In this part of the book, special attention has been given to practical tips, the use of information sources, structures of different reports, editing tips and the professional behavior of journalists.

One important write-up of the book provides all that a journalist or an activist needs for effective use of applied research techniques in reporting. A long write-up discusses the details of feature writing and provides many tips for feature writers.

Discussion on reporting environment, ethnic communities, and women issues explain how important it is for journalists to investigate, interpret and accommodate deep background in reports. The experiences of two journalists in reporting on sex workers illustrate how a serious reporter eventually becomes an author on a subject.

One unique feature of the book is the use of many published reports, features, interviews, and quotes with different write-ups. This confers a meaning to the theoretical discussion.

Publication Details

Published: 2005
Language: Bangla
Paperback: 399 pages
Editor: Philip Gain
Price: Tk.300 / US$15