Survey Report on Commercial Fuelwood Plantation in Modhupur Forest

The Bangladesh government-sponsored and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded tree plantation activities aimed at creating a commercial fuelwood forest in the Modhupur sal forest and in other sal forest areas have come under severe criticism because of their negative impacts on the local ecology and in places on the livelihood and habitation of the indigenous people. The largest group of indigenous people who face various difficulties due to fuelwood plantation have been the Garos in Modhupur forest who have been living there from time immemorial.

This survey's results are intended to give a solid information base to what has been happening in Modhupur forest, due particularly to woodlot plantation under the ongoing ADB funded afforestation project. Another intended audience is ADB and concerned authorities so they can take appropriate measures to lessen the negative impacts of commercial fuelwood plantations.

Publication Details

Published: 1994
Language: English
Photocopy: 74 pages
Conducted By: Philip Gain, Shishir Moral, Canton Rozario
Price: Tk.150 / US$6