Chokoria Sundarban: A Forest without Trees - Documentary


Chokoria Sundarban: A Forest without Trees (Chokoria Sundarban: Je Bone Gaachh Nei) is a documentary on the destruction of the Chokoria Sundarban that used to be a 21,000-acre unique mangrove patch in the coastal district of Cox's Bazar. The forest has been entirely destroyed and replaced by thousands of shrimp farms. Once the dense mangrove forest was full of diverse vegetation and wildlife. It also had abundant fish and naturally spawned shrimp. The mangrove, with its complex nature, provided a safe shelter to the wildlife, fish, shrimp and aquatic reptiles.

With concrete information, visuals and satellite images the documentary presents the current condition in the Chokoria Sundarban and how shrimp production became the single most incentive for the destruction of the forest. It also shows how shrimp cultivation has impacted the local environment and the subsistence economy of the marginal people.

Publication Details

Published: 2005
Language: English and Bangla
Length: 34 minutes
Director: Junaid Halim
DVD: Tk.200 / US$10
CD: Tk.100 / US$5