Stolen Forests

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Deltaic Bangladesh does not have enough forest cover. The patches of forests that still survive are unique and are home to hundreds of thousands of life forms. The forests are also home to many unique ethnic communities that represent unique traditions, knowledge systems, history and cultures So, the forests in the true sense are an integral part of our existence and civilisation. Sadly enough we have neglected out natural history and allowed most of the forests to be stolen. Despite these sad realities we must make fresh pledges to protect the last stands from pillage, not to lose the grounds of our imagination.

STOLEN FORESTS is a book containing images and a critique on the state of the forests in Bangladesh. It looks at the forests and communities that live in the forests, depletion, threats, effects of plantation and survival for the future.

Publication Details

Published: 2006
Language: English
Hardback: 216 pages
Author: Philip Gain
Price: Tk.1,500 / US$25