Investigative Reports: Environment and Human Rights

Investigative Reports: Environment and Human Rights Cover

Investigative Reports: Environment and Human Rights (Anushandhani Report: Paribesh O Manobadhikar) is a compilation of selected investigative and interpretative reports on environment and human rights that SEHD has published in the press and its magazines Dharitri and Earth Touch. 

The book contains reports on the Phulbari Coal Mine Project and different aspects of the controversial open-pit before and after the grassroots revolt in 2006.

Other reports are on the Modhupur Sal Forest, the third largest forest of Bangladesh and its inhabitants Garo and Koch indigenous communities. The reports present facts and analyses on monoculture plantations financed by external resources, the invasion of banana and pineapple gardens and the killing of some Garos.

The human rights abuses and environmental degradation in Adivasi inhabited areas in the CHT and the plains lands are also highlighted. 

Reports on agriculture, industry, nature, forests, shrimp cultivation, fisheries, wetlands, destruction of the Sundarbans, natural disasters and foreign investment are included.

Another chapter contains reports on eviction of sex workers from red light locations and a report on rehabilitation issues of the affected and displaced people of the Jamuna multi-purpose bridge area.

Examination of the fifth, the seventh and the eighth parliament seasons is covered, which will help readers understand the democratization processes and the lawmakers of the country.

This book is intended for use by newspapers, universities, human rights activists, researchers, students and anyone interested in in-depth analyses of some of the key environmental, human rights, and ethnic issues in Bangladesh.

Publication Details

English: 2009
: 388 pages

Bangla: 2008
Paperback: 418 pages

Editor: Philip Gain
Price: Tk.500 / US$20