Bon, Bonbinash O Bonobashir Jibon Shangram

 Bon, Bonbinash O Bonobashir Jibon Shangram cover

In the true sense the forest is mother to hundreds of species of trees, fauna, and people who consider themselves the children of forest, their traditions, knowledge and much more. With the vanishing natural forest, the forest dwelling indigenous communities of Bangladesh have progressively lost their communal ownership and control over land and other local resources. Their knowledge, cultures and local technologies are also getting lost. This puts them in perilous condition.

What factors have led to this outrageous condition? Most obnoxious arguments come from the government agencies, profiteering companies and agencies from the forest industry, and many supranational institutions that put all the blame on the poor people and the forest-dwelling communities who are indeed the custodians of the forests. 

In June 2003, SEHD brought together about 200 indigenous people, forestry professionals, academics, environmentalists and activists to examine the state of the forest and indigenous peoples of Bangladesh and the quality of action that are taken to save the forest and its custodians. Bon, Bonbinash O Bonobashir Jibon Shangram (Forest, Its Destruction and Struggle of the Forest People) compiles keynote presentations of the seminar that explain why the government proposition and that of the supranational regarding the factors for deforestation and depletion of the natural resources are flawed. The conclusion is that the government, external entities, and different proponents must pay attention to for the protection of the forest and forest-dwelling peoples of Bangladesh.

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Published: 2004
Language: Bangla
Paperback: 263 pages
Editor: Philip Gain
Price: Tk.250 / US$10