State of Pesticide Business and Use in Bangladesh

Achieving self-sufficiency in food production and sustaining such production level is a major objective of the Bangladesh Government. But the heavily populated country has a total land surface of 14.4 million hectares, of which 9.1 hectares are used for agriculture, and 80% of this agricultural land is used for growing rice. Because of humid climate for many months of the year, a large number of insect pests are present on the crops. For the same reason a big population of beneficial parasites and predators of insect pest are also present on the crops.

The farmers in Bangladesh, out of ignorance and because of high illiteracy rates (90% rural illiteracy), depend quite heavily on a variety of pesticides to control pest with other agricultural inputs. The presence of enourmous amount of parasites and predators and their usefulness as bio-control agents which are highly vulnerable to these toxic chemicals.

This report looks at the pesticide market in Bangladesh, extent of overuse or misuse and influencing factors in usage as well as the environmental impact.

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Published: 1993
Language: English
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