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Forests and Forest Culture - Exhibition


The images in the exhibition Forests and Forest Culture tell the story of the drastic depletion of forest resources mainly due to social forestry, the plantation of exotic species and clearing land for agriculture. Another focus of the exhibition is on the forest people, especially the indigenous communities who have traditionally sourced the forest for their livelihood, living in harmony with nature. Plantations and legal reforms have rendered the children of the forest illegal residents on their traditional homeland.

The images try to communicate the message that to protect the cultural life of these distinct ethnic communities, the language, knowledge, thoughts, beliefs and traditions need adequate space and protection.  If a community's right to land, local resources, education and practice of traditions in their own language and use of local knowledge is not secure, efforts for the protection of culture becomes meaningless.

Exhibition Details

Exhibition: 2006
Catalogue: English
Photographers: Philip Gain
Price: Tk.50 / US$2