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The Story of Tea Workers Book Launched

Tea workers Book launch

[05 Sept 2010]
Prof. Wahiduddin Mahmud, eminent economist and chief guest formally launched the book at the VIP lounge of the National Press Club in Dhaka. In his introductory note Philip Gain, SEHD director and editor of the book, reflected on the challenging task of producing the book, a 44-minute documentary film and a photography exhibition.

Presided by SEHD chairman Professor Sakhawat Ali Khan, designated speakers who spoke at the discussion on the book and issues covered in it were Khushi Kabir, Prof. Amena Mohsin, cairman of the Minimum Wages Board,Ikteder Ahmed, member of Bangladesh Tea Association (BTA, organization of the tea estate owners) M Shah Alam, Adivasi leader Gidison Pradhan Suchiang, labor leaders Tapan Datta and Rambhajan Koiri.

Representatives from government and non-government organizations, tea workers, researchers, students, and journalists attended the launch.

The book, Story of the Tea Workers (Cha Sramiker Katha), is about the indentured tea plantation workers, one of the most marginalized and excluded communities of Bangladesh. The issues covered in this book include the history of the tea industry, the ownership of tea estates, socio-economic status of tea workers, their struggle for rights, their health and education status and laws relating to tea industry among others. In addition to information and analysis that is the result of years of investigation by SEHD staff, the book contains insightful write-ups tea industry by labor leaders, lawyers, physicians and government officials.