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Justice Haibibur Rahman on Speedy Supply of Energy and Power Bill 2010

19oct 2010

Former Chief Justice and Chief Advisor of the caretaker government Habibur Rahman has criticized the “Speedy Supply of Power and Energy (Special Provision) Bill, 2010” that was passed by the parliament on 3 October 2010. The law provides egalitarian authority to the government to take quick and effective actions for exploration, supply, distribution, transmission, transportation, and marketing of power and energy.

Justice Habibur Rahman spoke on this law at the launching of a report “The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2009”, published by Institute of Good Governance (IGS) of Brac University on 6 October 2010. His contention as reported by the press is that the law stands in the way of the people’s right to get justice from the judiciary. Referring to section 9 of the bill, Justice Rahman said that no question can be raised in the court about the legitimacy of measures, decisions, and actions taken under this law by the executive with regard to power and energy. Officials or employees acting in good faith to implement the law cannot be brought to justice.

This special law remains effective for two years unless extended or scrapped.

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) concurred with Justice Rahman and expressed concern about the law in a statement on 4 October 2010. It called for its withdrawal in the interest of transparency and accountability of the power sector.